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...ut shame!"Her hands unclasped, the right one now pointing at the sun. "I *refuse* tolet this momentous occasion be denied me-""Two for 'Wire-Crossed Lovebirds', please."Clover's monologue stopped on a dime. She turned around. "Wha..."Sam held up two strips of paper. "We've got our tickets. Let's go in,Clover."Clover did a double-take, and blinked twenty-eight times in the space of asecond. "Wait... wha, like, *how*, but... okay, Sam, *what did you do*?""I used the box office. Had some spare cash on me that I was planning touse for snacks. Guess we're watching this movie without them, though. Youcoming or not?" Sam walked through the large double doors, and into thetheater."...sure." Clover walked in after her, muttering, "Yeah, like, 'who stilluses cash in Beverly Hills', indeed..."* * *Another crowd waited for them inside--a smaller one to be sure, but stillsignificant, and still just as restless as the one outside."You know, now that we're, like, *inside*, you'd think our problems wouldbe over," Clover said."Wonder what all the ruckus is about," Sam wondered as the two went closerto the gathered masses."People, people!" a lone usher was saying. "We'll try to accomodate asmany viewers as we can, but the fourth theater is already half full, andonce that's gone, that's it. I'm terribly sorry.""But I thought it was playing on five screens!" Sam said, now confused."Oh, it is."The two girl...
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