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...d Zoey felt something against her hand again. This timeshe slid her hand up his thigh and squeezed. She heard Chase moan and hisdick throb. She looked him in the eye and said. "Maybe we should continuethis conversation somewhere more private."They walked hand in hand to the boys' dorm so they could go to theirhangout on the roof. As they walked by Chase and Michael's room theythought they heard moaning coming from inside. They all smiled as theythought of Lola and Logan. When they reached the roof Zoey threw her armsaround Chase's neck and pressed her lips tight to his. They kissedpassionately as their tongues danced. Zoey wasn't the sweet and pure virgineverybody thought she was. In fact she and her little brother Dustin had beenhaving sex for almost a year. As they kissed Chase massaged Zoey's smallbreasts. She lifted her arms so he could pull her top over her head. Shelooked at Nicole and Michael and was shocked to see Nicole on her kneeswith Michael's pants around his ankles and his hard black cock in her mouth.She licked around the head then licked down to his heavy balls and suckedeach one into her mouth. She looked in his eyes as she stroked his six and ahalf in. black cock and said. "I've always wanted to try a black guy. Youtaste so good and you're so big.""...

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