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...tonight, Sherry threw back. She turned her back to him and prepared to walk off. Sherry, he called. She stopped and smirked. She had him. Like so many others Yusei had fallen for her feminine charm. Sherry straightened her face before she turned around. What is it? It took everything she had to keep her tone neutral. I have another option. She didnt understand what he was talking about. There was no other option. However when she looked into his steely blue eyes, she could see the same calculating stare he has when they dueled each other months ago. Tell me what this other option is. We duel, he stated. Let me get this straight you want to settle this in a riding duel? Yusei shook his head. I dont mean a game of Duel Monsters. He could see the surprise on her face. The duel is a simple one. We try to make the other one cum. The one who succeeds gets what they want. I see. If I win you leave Jack and Crow and join my team. However if I win you do whatever I want, he reminded her. Sherry laughed. You are on Yusei, but how do you hope to win? She pointed at his erection. I have already worked you up so much that you are about to burst. Thi...

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