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... curled into claws.Its YOUR fault! she shrieks. ITS ALL YOUR FAULT!I open my mouth to try to defend myself, but nothing comes out.Eva, I Im not the only one angry at you.I feel my blood freeze. What kind of a hell is this?Theres the sound of clanking chains, then something shoots out of the darkness. I glimpse the flash of metal, and then theres a searing pain on my cheek. I feel hot blood drip down, and then theres another flash of metal as whatever had hit me retracts.Damn, I missed, a deep voice grumbles.And they all emerge. A man in the dull orange robes of a monk, bald, save for the long plait of black hair that hangs like a rope pas this shoulders. He carries a gleaming spear, its tip stained with blood. Theres a woman with a mane of red hair, her scarlet lips spread in a cruel smile. A small Japanese girl, her hair in piglets. A big-sized blonde boy with a cowboy hat. A boy with dark eyes and a darker smile. Another boy, a little one, with a huge round head.All those I killed in my fanfictions. And behind them, I can see the gleam of more eyes and metal, bodies shuffling and clamoring in the darkness for revenge. More people Id killed.Youre not real, I breathe. Youre just figments of my imagination. You dont exist. Im trying to convince myself all that, trying to wake up.With a shriek of fury, tinged with more than a little madness, Eva leaps at me, pushing me down on t...
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