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...nd any one, save for Smithers. He knew he paid their mother a lot of money for whatever happened to their father and he was not happy about it. Their father should have known better than to get near the generator when it was about to explode and he tried telling the courts that but of course they said it was still his fault for not bringing it up to code and that knowing the time of an explosion was not something workers knew about. What the child had just done made him even angrier, he had not been invited onto his property and the pranks he had pulled would have seriously injured him, there was no way he was going to let these children get off easily, even if the boy now knew that revenge was wrong.Sir? He heard Smithers say after a very long pause.Release the hounds! he said angrily.But Sir, they are only children, said Smithers nervously.Do as I say or I will release them at you! Mr. Burns said with the iciest and most horrible stare that Smithers had ever seen.If Smithers wasnt so devoted to Mr. Burns, he would have gladly thrown in the towel right then and there. But Smithers was too much of a coward to fight back, he only gave Lisa and Bart a look of concern, his only way of showing that he was doing h...
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