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...t of his clothes]Mitch: its also where I pee![With that, Mitch pees on a very astounded Buttercup]Buttercup: Bleh, buh, eeewww Mitch! Do that again and you won’t have ANYTHING there EVER!!!Mitch: It was an accident?Ms. Keane: That’s enough mitch![She hands a paper towel to Buttercup]Ms. Keane: Now then, yes, that is where boys pee, but look underneath the penis. See the sac dangling there[The girls look]Ms. Keane: That sac is holding “sperm”. Which are-Blossom: Sperm or “seamen” are small capsules that hold basic DNA for reproducing life and-Buttercup; Blossom, knock it off already! Not everyone reads “ The Dictionary for people with big egos ”![Author’s note: I may be off on all these definitions. At least I try! Get back to fapping]Ms. Keane: Blossom is correct though, that is the first step for making babies.Bubbles: But why is mike’s so big and hard?Ms. Keane: He has an “erection”, which is the body’s way of saying its ready for sex. Girls, you may touch the boys penis. The head is very sensitive to touch so don’t be rough. [Buttercup quickly grabs hold of Mitches cock]Mitch: E-e-easy Buttercup! You know what Ms. Keane said!Buttercup: Don’t you worry, I’ll be careful. (for a while)[Blossom gently takes hold of Harry’s slong and messages the head.]Harry: oooooohhh boy, this feel better then roll...
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