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A Sample part of The Amazing World Of Gumball Story: His cock pumped furiously into her making wet sucking sounds. "N - Never!" The succubus cried out. She tried to sound resistant but her voice wavered and she knew by the shudders of delight that her resolve was fading fast. He felt so good! She had never in a thousand years been fucked like this: so furiously and so ... PRIMAL. The tension was building in her womb and she felt her body growing hotter as if the fires of the abyss were consuming her very soul. She felt her knees buckle under his onslaught and moans escaped her no matter how hard she fought to keep them from escaping her uncooperative lips. Suddenly, the Orc stopped. The succubus groaned as he held her still in a vise but poised the tip of his unbelievable cock at the mouth of her soaked pussy. She tried to ease back, tried to force him back inside her, but he moved back with her. She growled in frustration. "Call me Master," Turrek demanded again. The succubus moaned and tried to move again and was again denied as he moved back with her. "Never!" She said defiantly, but they both could tell her will was broken. Turrek slipped fully out of her pussy and she gasped in dismay almost crying with desperation. She felt the heat of him ag...

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