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...us police have learned to avoid."Visibly worried, Shelly asked, "Any luck?" as Daria arrived at her work cubicle.Daria dropped into her chair and leaned back. "I got to play Melody Powers for the evening, but I found the disk and hope I never have to repeat the effort.""You really went dumpster diving?""That's where I found it.""No offense, buteww.""No offense in return, but can we talk about something else?""Sorry. How's the story revision coming along?""Almost done. Mainly just cleaning up the last scene." Daria looked down and admitted, "I'm going to miss Melody. We've come a long way together.""But, no more sequels?""I want to give her story a clean finish."Enjoying the noonday sun after a morning in the air-conditioned office, Daria sat on a bench in the Quad and unpacked her lunch. While eating her sandwich, she watched a mockingbird hunting for its lunch among the blades of grass. The gray and white bird hopped from place to place and froze, then after a second, spreading its wings to startle small insects. Focusing on the bird, she jumped a little when she heard her old supervisor say, "You seem to be taking things rather well."Daria looked up and said, "Dean Killarny, what do you mean?""You were such a good proofreader at the Pre...

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