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...A/n: Thanks for the reviews and here's the next chapter..Zarbon smiled as he put on his best uniform and he placed on his jewels head bands which were like Raven's own jewel except he had three. He had planned to meet Raven that day. He picked up his dagger and smiled it was his one luxury as he slipped it into his belt. He then took of not knowing that Slade had hired someone to watch him, a familiar person.Later .."Hey Raven I was wondering if you could show me more of this planet and." Zarbon blushed, "And possibly have some lunch." Zarbon began as Robin thought it would be a good time to interrupt."Sorry Raven has stuff to do she can't go out an assassin like you." Robin snarled.Zarbon gave him his answer quickly and quietly as he withdrew his knife, "I asked Raven not you now please allow her to answer," his voice was quick and collected with a dangerous tone to it. He said as he turned to Raven.A/N: Cliffhanger yay my very first one please R&R and I won't update until I get five reviews....

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