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... side.Robin embraced her and tried to soothe her by saying everything would be all right. Truly Robinhad no idea, but he wasnt willing to leave his team mates, there might have been a time whenhe would have raced after Slade without noticing his team mates plight but this was life anddeath and he had to help in any way he could. Star needed him as she had always looked to himfor reassurance and guidance, and beast boy the youngest of the group he was always trying toact so tough in order to displace his insecurities much like Robin himself. Cyborgs face wasgrim, he was closest to Beast Boy, and seeing his friend near death reminded him of how humanhe really was. They all watched breathlessly as Raven put her soul into her work. Gasping inamazement they watched as the wound closed slowly but surely. Raven sighed as she drainedher last reserve, and nearly fell onto the unconscious Beast Boy, had it not been for thequickness of Cyborg. Held safely in Cyborgs arms Raven spoke at last.He will be fine, but it took all I had. I nearly had to bring him back to life, a few more secondsand he wouldnt have made it. Raven closed her eyes and allowed Cyborg to carry her.Im glad BBs okay I dont know what I would have done without...
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