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...there's a small ventilation shaft there leading from the Promenade, a small hole has been drilled there and a Kaliedic micro-processor placed in it. Meaning that the hole....."     "The hole is small enough not to be noticed but large enough for the micro-processor to be inserted and enlarge the image to be viewed.....and saved?"     "Yes," she said,"I want permission to search his tapes, his holo-programs and question him about where he got the micro-processor."     "I'll grant it," said Sisko, Jake rose his head to protest but was silenced by a glare,"But I will have to view these tapes with you, as protocol demands."     Kira hesitated,"Sir, I would prefer that you didn't......."     "It's either that or drop the charges....."     "Sir.....please......" she dropped her head,"They'll remain private won't they."     "Of course.....believe me Major, I'm only following protocol, perhaps Lieutenant Dax could......"     "No, sir," she said,"If anybody sees these tapes, I'd rather it be you."     He nodded,"Go get the tapes now, I want to talk to Jake."     She left and Jake shuddered.      ---      The Enterprise towered above DS9 like a giant dragon above a castle, it had arrived at just the wrong time, Doctor Bashir w...
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