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...gebob?" She asked him, confused."You know, the cube with holes?" He described, but Sandy was still confused."Uhh....okay?" She said, and she walked away, completly unaware of Spongebob Squarepants."Sandy why did you lie to me?" Patrick asked, keeping up with her."Lie about what?""Well, about Spongebob moving!""Who's Spongebob, is he one of your imaginary friends?""Wha-NO! Spongebob!" He sighed and gave up."Later..." The French Man announced.Sandy was making some ice tea for her when a door opened."Huh? Who's there?" She asked, but it was only Gary, with a water helmet on."Meow meow meow. (Sandy, I'm scared.)""Well, what's wrong?" She asked the snail."Meow. (I'm alone." He explained."Oh, well you can stay with me!" Sandy said cheerfully."MEOW! (THANKS!)" The slimy guy said, and strolled away to Sandy's exercise wheel.Gary fell asleep next to the wheel, thinking about what happened to Spongebob. Was his owner really gone for good? Will he be put up for adoption? Will Sandy take care of him? Then, he had a really strange dream...Gary the snail was sitting in a filthy and dirty cage in "Pacific Pets". Suddenly, a little boy came in, he looked like a kitchen sponge and wore a blue hat with overalls. "Mommy, which one can I get?" He asked, and the peach, round sea sponge said, "An...
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