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...ed all of his strength to swing Patrick over him. Patrick saw that Spongebob was about to let go of the rope, and grasped his hand. Patrick awkwardly inched his way up the rope while hanging onto his buddy. The rope snapped when they were about half of a foot from the top, and Patrick lunged for the ledge, barely grasping it. He swung Spongebob to safety, but his own strength was about to give out. Spongebob quickly grabbed Patricks mitten-hand and helped him over the ledge. The two friends lay on the cave floor, gasping for air. After about a minute, Spongebob stood up.We have to find Jimmy! he coughed. Or this whole adventure will be meaningless! Patrick too stood up.Lets go!Slow down Patrick, first we have to find a way out of this cavern! Suddenly, an idea struck Spongebob.I think I still have a hook and rope we can use to climb out of the hole you made! Spongebob took out the rope and tied it to the hook. He then swung it around his head several times before tossing it up to the cave ceiling, and to their luck, it stuck! Spongebob and Patrick climbed out of the cave one at a time.Now, we have to get to the top and find Jimmy! Spongebob panted. Patrick nodded. They used the last of Spongebobs equ...

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