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...ace looked at both Rhino and Mugsy. "Waste the broad!" Roxanne gasped and bolted up from her chair, but just as she attempted to run, Mugsy got behind her and wrapped his massive arms around her body; preventing her of any movement. "I want to kick, but my legs won't work!" Roxanne cried in her head. She tried to wiggle her way out, but Mugsy's arms were large and held her in place. Rhino smirked as he walked up to her, pointing the gun at her head.Just like Roxanne, Arnold gasped, but it sounded more feigning. "Mr. Scarface! We can't hurt Ms. Nevers!" He protested worriedly. "Sh-she's a nice woman! We can't do this to her!""Shud-up, dummy!" Scarface shot back at Arnold. All the little man could do was take that order silently. Scarface snickered, "She shoulda thought of that when she was interviewing you!" He also snapped at Arnold. The two now gazed back to Roxanne and the henchmen. "Now you'll never know what those wacko's are up to at Arkham!..." He told her evilly.Roxanne's eyes became wide, "Wha...what do you mean?"Scarface chuckled, "They're playin' ya for a fool, you dumb broad!" He shrugged in an uncaring way, "Ye -- but what the hell, you're gonna be dead anyways. You wouldn't know what those nut-jobs really want even if you were livin'...""What?..." Before she could say anything more, she saw Rhino come close to Roxanne's face and shove the gun right up to the side of her head."You ready to know what it feels like to have cold steel shootin' through your h...
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