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...y from her neck. I thought it was accepted practice for pirates to abuse their captives, she said.Confounded by the girls logic, Krandok lowered his sword as a team of three smock-clad paramedics rushed into the lab. As the two male medics knelt to examine Zapps face, the female medic inquired, Whos responsible for this?It was an accident, replied Leela, who then proceeded to kick Zapp sharply in the ribs. Whoops! There I go again.Once the medics had loaded Zapp onto a gurney and carried him away, Foss confronted Leela with indignation. That was uncalled for, he scolded her. Captain Brannigan and I were establishing an excellent rapport.Leela gave the professor a bemused look. Who are you? she asked. You dont look like a pirate. You dont talk like one, either.Only the senior staff and the security guards are required to talk like pirates, Foss told her.Its a bolluxed-up situation, said Krandok with a crude Cockney accent, but where else does a seven-foot eunuch find work, eh?Allow me to introduce myself, said the professor with a slight bow. I am Philaster Foss, formerly of Mars University, now science officer to Captain Balalaika of the Cerulean Pirate Fleet. And you are?Turanga Leela, answered the cyclops....

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