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...and noticed that he was no longer completely alone.Sunni lay on her stomach with her hands propping up her head, her ankles crossed in the was still quite a long way away from Gusto, and hadn't spotted him yet. She was marveling at a patch a white flowers in front of her, or possibly just daydreaming and staring at them sun was shining on her fur in the most fantastic way, bouncing off every golden strand.She looked like she was glowing.Gusto stared for a moment, then cursed at himself for it. It wasn't proper; not that she was all that much younger than himself, but all the same. These were still trying times for the gummis. Perhaps in less troubled times, when she was fully adult.Fully adult. Gusto laughed at the thought. He was barely fully grown himself, physically that is. Mentally he still felt as if he was a child. The others noticed too.There wasn't any harm in talking to her was there? He had rejected her so many times before, that he wasn't even sure if she was still interested in him.Sunni saw him approaching out of the corner of her eye. His shoulders thrown back and his head held high, the picture of confidence. It was one of the things she admired about to him she was just a child. Nothing more. Why couldn't he see how in love with him she was?She preten...

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