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A Sample part of Sabrina The Teenage Witch Story: quick spray of bullets came out. Death quickly darted out of the way and kept coming towards the two.Damn, hes fast! Kyo exclaimed, as a sword emerged from his palm. He took off like a rocket towards his opponent, who drew his scythe. The two locked blades and Kyo pushed with all his might. However, Death pushed even harder. Hes ridiculously powerful too! Kyo yelled out as his sword was snapped in half. Death smacked him to the ground, and then fixed his attention on Jenny. The chain gun that was her arm had been replaced with a PSG7 sniper rifle, loaded with armor-piercing rounds. She aimed the rifle at Deaths head and fired. A deafening crack was produced as soon as the shell left the barrel.Ive got you! Jenny proclaimed as the bullet flew toward Death. Seconds before it pierced his skull, he swung his scythe and split the bullet in two. No! Jenny yelled angrily as she darted toward the psychopathic monster. Death began a furious barrage of scythe swipes which Jenny barely avoided. Meanwhile, Kyo, who had created a small crater in the earth upon hitting the ground, managed to get up and fly back to the fight. He began a long series of punches and kicks, but Death blocked every attack with the flat edge of his scythe.Its no good! Kyo shouted loudly. Were throwing everything we have at him, but hes just dodging every attack like its nothing. Jenny, ready your chest cannon and fire at him. Dont let up for a second! Ill use my arm buster. H...
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