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...right back at me) I would hardly stoop to such juvenile measures, even if I wished to get back at your mother, Wilhelmina. Nor would I refer to your royal obligations as a punishment. How long will it be before you simply do as you are told, instead of giving all of those involved such migraines?Me:(Pretends to honestly think about it, placing a finger to my chin) Gee, I don't know. Maybe when you go back to your country and leave me out of this?? Either that, or whenever you decide to go to the extreme and give me a lobotomy so that I can then obey your every command, your majesty!Sprita:(Awkwardly clearing her throat suddenly) U-um, are you sure that you do not wish for me to excuse myself as well, King Elisud? I will be right outside the door with Ernest, and --Eli:(Raises his hand again towards Sprita and manages to smile faintly) -- No need, Sprita. After all, you of all people should be privy to such a . . . destructive display from your princess and future queen, as you are her guardian. You should be keenly aware of the unfortunate challenges you will be faced with, of that I have no doubt. And for that, you have my sincerest apologies.Me:(Gasps in shock and offense, throwing my arms up into the air)Excuse me? So now I'm being painted to be some outlandish head case or something? Then why battle me on this, anymore? I'm a major delinquent, right? So I'm clearly not princess material!Eli:(Suddenly makes a fist and shake...
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