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... Oh, right, you dont know what Im talking about. Um He released her hand, bringing both of his up so Starfire could see them. Watch.Starfire watched intently as Zephyr closed his eyes and clenched his fists. She was going to ask what was going on when suddenly his fists started to glow, blue. Then he opened his eyes, they were also glowing the same eerie blue.Recognize anything? Zephyr grinned, tossing a bolt to the side, only making a small explosion.Y-you have my abilities?Well no, not exactly. Zephyr closed his eyes once more. When he opened them they werent glowing anymore, nor were his hands. I can welllets say borrow, other peoples powers and abilities. Of course, in your case, I wouldnt be as powerful as you because youre fueled by your emotions. I cant do that so you would easily defeat me, but its rare that I use someones power against them.Oh, was Starfires only reply.So, Im going to teleport us, get it?Starfire nodded, Yeah, I think so.Well lets get going then. Zephyr took Starfires hand and held it in his. In a moment, they were gone.*****Woof!Found something Beast Boy? Robin ran over to him, his hopes high.Yeah, someone else was here, with Starfire, Beast Boy said as he changed back to his normal form. They went o...

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