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...m laughing at as I drownWrithing I can see me all aroundJeering and laughing, no friends aroundBut try as I might I cannot fleeHatred is festering and changing meInto a monster, light has abandoned meCrying and pleading with those gathered roundI beg them to save, dont let me drownI see them laughing as they walk awayDam them all, they must all paySinking now, I let go of the lightGiving up the futile fightGrinning in darkness, unholy gleeI have accepted darkness into meRising up from the shadows, I see their frightThey all try to flee, running from my mightAs far as they run, they will not escapeI am the demon, wrapped in a capeEyes hidden long, soul longer stillAnd now I am finally able to killServatis a periculum, servatis a maleficumThey cry as they flee, that wont help them, it didnt help meBefore I was forsaken I trusted my friendsBut now betrayed and alone, I cleanse my handsAs the blood from the morning falls to the sandNow back to the shadows, I quickly retreatTo plan my next move, for the world will soon meetThe darkness inside me, and They will all play the gameFor you see...Nightwing is my nameAuthors note- Sorry about taking so long to update but my parents were(censored) (censored) and took the modem cause ...

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