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A Sample part of Phineas And Ferb Lesbian Story: Perry landed in the red chair and looked up at the screen. "And now for the briefing. In 5,4,3,2--"The screen flickered on and Major Monogram stood there, a close up on his face as usual. He cleared his throat and looked at Perry. "Good morning, Agent P. Doofenshmirtz--""Of course, who else?""--Is up to one of his evil schemes." Monogram lifted a piece of paper up and looked at it as he spoke. "You need to get out there, and put a stop to it!" Monogram saluted to Perry and the screen went back to being blank.Perry hopped off the chair quickly and ran towards the center of the room. The tile he stood on began to raise up to the ceiling, a hatch opening on the ceiling too. That way he would go up to the surface and to his scooter. "Well, here we go again..."The screen turned on again and Monogram knocked on his end of the monitor to get Perry's attention. "Uh, wait, Agent P?"The floor-elevator came back down and Perry turned around, slightly annoyed at this interruption. "What now?"Monogram chuckled nervously. "I kind of ordered a pizza, and accidentally said carryout instead of delivery. So..." He fiddled with his hands a little, not looking at Perry from time to time. "I was wondering if you could go pick it up for me after defeating Doof. I'd have Karl do it, but he's busy at the moment.""Laundry's on the spin cycle, sir!" Karl shouted from off-camera."Good luck!" The screen turned off again."I should b...

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