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...ine that I just realized, I guess the fairies need to check up in "Da Rules" throughly or else this would happen...Due to my strong personal convictions, I wish to stress that this chapter in no way endorses underage drinking.-Technomaru-Despite what the Thriller warning parody says, I am against underage drinking and this is not meant to be taken seriously until the final chapter.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------A Rod Serling like narrarator shows up and says, "This is the story of a average kid who no one understands...well you know how the song goes, well anyway this is the story of what if one day a young boy named Timmy Turner discovers something no kid should ever get into but does anyway since boys will be boys... so Timmy Turner will open that bottle and end up in a one way ticket into... THE CHROMAZONE!" Cosmo then says, "Hey you! Get back to your own show!" And with that the narrarator just vanishes.One day, Wanda was playing with baby Poof while Cosmo ate a eggplant panini...with his feet. Timmy was busy reading "Da Rules", a large rulebook that contains rules of what children can and cannot wish for. Wanda asks Timmy, "Timmy are you looking in the rulebook so you can find loopholes in wishes... again?"Timmy then cont...

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