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... I'll update sooner and it'll be longer, I promise.Chapter 10Jeeki took confident steps down the wide halls of his palace. I cant wait for you to meet my brother. Im sure youll absolutely love him.He knocked on Shien Chus door and the man who answered it did not seem like the same brother that he had talked to earlier. He found Jeeki standing outside with Mulan behind him and gave him a sort of patient sigh. What do you want, brother?Shien Chu, this is my wife, Mulan, Jeeki gestured to her behind him. And I trust her with everything in my life.Inside, she felt the familiar stab of guilt. She had learned long ago to live with this pain, but it still made her feel like shit every time.Shien Chu gave him that diplomatically white smile and said, Well, its a pleasure to meet the woman that my brother loves.Really? Mulan thought. Id sure like to meet her too. Its a pleasure to meet my husbands brother. The words did not roll off the tongue easily, but at least she had gotten them out.Jade! Liao Bao cried out. He had heard a scream and was absolutely sure that that was her voice.Bao? She answered back. He looked down to see the love of his life sitting down on the ground, her eyes red and tears streaming down her once beautiful face.Why are you here? He watched he...

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