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A Sample part of Lucky Fred Story:, and there was a girl in his room who looked and spoke exactly like him, or rather, like the girl he no longer was.Stark terror overwhelmed his mind as his memories became focused and he realized the truth of the situation."Oh, no," he mumbled in a weak, anguished voice. "I'm the clone. I'm the freaking clone!"Muffy nodded and kept smiling. "We decided to call you Dwayne, after Grandpa," she informed him.The boy's eyes flashed fire. "Unclone me!" he demanded angrily. "I don't want to be a boy!""Calm down, Dwayne," Muffy reassured him. "You'll get used to it."Dwayne, as he was now called, glowered fiercely at Muffy and her mother, and wished he could simply erase himself from existence. Their concerned gazes soon softened his indignant heart, and he lowered his face shamefully. "This is all my fault," he admitted glumly. "I didn't think about how a boy clone would react to having my personality. How could I have been so stupid?""You've only been alive for fifteen minutes," Muffy pointed out. "How can it be your fault?"Mrs. Crosswire motioned to the boy. "Come into the dining room," she instructed him. "You haven't eaten yet, so you must be hungry."Tears still streaming from his eyes, Dwayne t...
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