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...oning charm and leave the Room to hurry back to the Gryffindor common room. Shaking his head Harry grunted in annoyance. Despite the blonde's best efforts he still hadn't released enough of his pent up frustration. Finally arriving at the portrait of the Fat Lady he didn't even bat an eye as he spoke forcefully, "Crush all that stand before us." Harry absently wondered when Gryffindors had become obsessed with action movies, but he tried not to think about that further as the portrait swung open and he stepped in. A quick look around revealed two dozen or so people from various years talking or studying in groups. He found Hermione over in the back corner surrounded by books, all of which looked muggle. "Hey Hermione, what are all these?" He asked. He was a bit disappointed to discover she was back in her school uniform, complete with robe, but she seemed to want to focus on studying at the moment so it was understandable. Hermione turned around, "Oh, there you are. We never got around to starting your Math tutoring, so I got everything ready for when you showed up." She answered, gesturing towards the seat next to her, beckoning him to sit down. "You cut it pretty close by the way." The smirk on her face told Harry she knew, or at least thought she knew, what he'd been doing. "Yeah, I was ...

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