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...ardian form?" Maya asked her worriedly."I'm going to Meridian to help Taranee and Hay Lin along with Irma to fight Phobo's new army." she answered as she went through the portal as Maya and her friends followed her along with Elyon.Elyon was nervous but gasped as they entered Meridian. It was the place she saw in her dreams but her head began to ache as memories raced through her head.Phobos smiled as he saw Elyon.Sukai wondered what was wrong with her master."The Guardians of the Veil are here to hurt me and destroy you.We have to take care of them before they ruin everything." he lied but saw her become her Dark Guardian form."Don't worry I won't let you down Master." she said flying off to fight the Guardians of the Veil. But Will saw Hay Lin, Irma and Taranee fighting off Phobo's new army."Wait!They're Meridians under a dark spell.We can't let them be hurt." Will told them but Elyon was angry."This isn't a dream, it's real, all real and I am the Queen of Meridian.I can't let Phobos do this to my kingdom!" she thought as magic emitted from her hands and engulfed the army turning them back into normal Meridians.Will was amazed as well as Maya."Elyon are you back?" Will asked her.Elyon nodded."Yes I am.Seeing what Phobos did to my kingdom made me angry and made me reme...
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