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A Sample part of Lois Meg Chris Peter Griffin Story:

...d held Meg's hand."So what are they doing now?" asked Peter as he shoved popcorn into his mouth."I think they're holding hands," said Lois."No I mean the couple in the movie," asked Peter."Who cares?!?!" said Lois."Then why the hell did you make me spend 8 bucks on a movie you weren't even going to watch?" asked Peter."So we can spy on Meg and Zack," answered Lois."Oh, right."About two hours later near the end of the movie the lead female is dying in a coma. The leaqd male comes in trying to tell her how he felt about her, but it is too late and she is gone. Zack and Meg are both crying."That was just so sad," said Zack as he sobbed."I remember being like that girl," said Meg, "Alone and unloved. I always thought that I would never find true love until the very last seconds of my life. Meeting you was the best thing to ever happen to me."In the back rows, Lois had heard this."I can't break them up," said Lois, "Zack may be her only chancce for true love or else she might become lonely forever. Let's go, Peter. Umm, Peter?""This is just so sad!" sobbed Peter."Come on! Peter," said Lois as she dragged Peter from out of the theatre.Later at the Griffin house, Zack and Meg walked into the living where Lois and Peter were."Hi, you two," said Lois, "So what took you so long?""We were just at the mall," said Meg as she looked at Zack and smiled, "And nowhere else.""You two don't have to lie to us," sa...
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