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...ue. Guess what it is," said Peter."Peter, all I see are clothes," said Lois."Just guess.""Fine is the blue turtleneck shirt?""Nooooope!""Those blue jeans?""Noooooope!"The blue jersey?""Noooooope!""Dammit Peter! Every f#cking piece of clothing in this clothes holder is either blue or has blue on it!""Yes... But which one?" asked Peter."AAAARGH!!!"(Back to the store)"What was that?" asked Meg."I dunno," said Zack, "Kinda sounded like your mom. Anyway can we go now? We've been searching for an hour.""Well we wound be gone if someone would stop criticising every dress I wore," said Meg."Sorry, but I don't really want my girlfriend dressing up like a hooker," said Zack."Girlfriend?" asked Lois."Anyway, after this, maybe you can help me pick out some underwear," said Meg slyly."Whoa! Let's not go there," said Zack, "Remember, we said we would not tempt each other for sex until you turned 18.""Okay, then we'll go to the movies instead," said Meg as she and Zack walked to the counter.(back inside the clothes holder)"Peter, I think they became a couple last night!" said Lois, "Meg is dating a 20 year old.""Did you guess what it was?" asked Peter."Are you still on that game," asked Lois in annoyance, "Our d...
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