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...Yeah.. it was no big deal..my feelings warned me before I got too close to the building." She yawned. " I wanted to visit you guys, things were getting so boring.." "Maybe things are better that way.." Yakko muttered so she could not hear. "What was that?" Cassie asked. "Oh...nothing, Want anything to eat? Er.." He just remembered that Wakko ate the fridge. "Take ?" He laughed uneasily as Cassie stared at him like he was insane.Dot and Wakko both arrived later on and their jaws literally dropped when they saw Cassie. "CASSIE!" they both shouted and ran for her. Before anyone could talk the two warners were in Cassies arms, hugging her. "Hey! I'm suppose to be up there too!" Yakko said, mildly annoyed he had been left out. " Oh no Yakko I don't think I could hold yo-----u AGH!" Yakko had jumped into Cassie's arms before she finished her sentence. And like she anticipated they all feel to the ground. "WOAH!" "AHHHHH!" "OUCH!" "YAKKO MY TAIL!" "SORRY!" The four bodies struggled to untie themselves from each other. Finally after a few minutes they were free and were laughing like nothing had ever happened. Then Yakko saw Cassie's neck. He instantly reached out to touch the two wounds. She felt his hand on her neck and gasped, she moved away and looked at Yakko. The laughter died as Yakko a...
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