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...and this my first story so tell me what you think about it.Chap 2: the local celeb arrivesBrad jumped off the 7:20 bus with Jenny the next morning."Hey Brad why did we have to get to school so early" Jenny asked"I have to be here by 7:30.""At least you don't have to use your 'skills' to get on TV. All u have to do is say 'I'm showing them around school' and everyone will want to interview you.""Wow, terrific." Brad answered back sarcastically"You don't sound that happy about it""You don't have to live with popular kids flocking to you trying to get you kicked out so they can escort your student do u?""Well no but just think Brad someone famous." Jenny gushed. By this time a crowd was gathering in front of Trentmorton to meet the newest addition. Tiff and Britt were tired of begging to escort the new arrival around so they consoled themselves by trying to figure out if he'll be cute or not."I bet I'll go out with him first." Tiff said."Only if he's F-I-N-E. Then he's mine." Britt answered back as they laughed. The latest Benz pulled up to the entrance. Cameras started flashing as the door opened and a chauffer came out. The chauffer then opened the back door of the Benz. The crowd got real quiet. Then a girl with choc...

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