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...screamed happily looking at the city as the sun rose behind it.Time to get down to business then, Esper said as the two ran up to their leaders position. You know what you need to do this time right, Heather? Her voice became harsh once again as she spoke to the guitar carrying female.Yeah, Heather said scratching behind her ear, Ive gotta get the food this time. She sighed out of disappointment. And I was so hopping to perform.You can perform all you want. Esper said as the three separated upon entering the city. Just bring us food first. Understood, dingbat. Ichi giggled at the word, though she usually did with words that she didnt know.Be careful Heather-chan. Ichi said waving to the sole girl walking down the street. She then followed Esper into a place with hopefully a plug to restore power to their laptop.She watched the three girls separate from one another.Excellent she thought happily, it will be easier to forge distrust between light and dark if the dark was separate. At least for now. She turned down the street and followed the orange haired girl. Her target nodded slightly as if she was gravely tired, but why escaped the woman.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------It...

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