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...odded. She pointed to the black beanbag chair where Justice was sitting, thinking deeply. Lavender had mysteriously disappeared and actually Sunshine was pretty freaked. The man walked over to Justice. She saw him and smiled."Welcome Mr..." she looked at him for his name. "Lampring... Kirk Lampring.." the man replied. " Mr. Lampring.. How would you like a job?" Justice made a wicked smile. Mr. Lampring's face, which was hard and cold, turned into a wicked smile. "Call me Kirk..""Yakko?" Dot looked at her older brother in concern. "What is it Dot?" Yakko asked, annoyed. "Why have you been acting so hard? Especially on Cassie!" Dot looked at her brother's face to see any signs of hurt or confusion. His face remained as it had for two weeks. Dot was beginning to think it would be stuck that way forever. His face was expressionless. Dot sighed, almost giving up. Then suddenly she smiled."Cassie is not going to leave us Yakko.." Yakko's cheeks turned a bit red. Dot had found the problem! "Yakko! You want Cassie to leave?!" Yakko murmured. " Maybe if she did, those guys wouldn't be after her too, you saw what happened in the cave.." "Yeah I she likes you Yakko.. she loves all of us.. but especially you. you cant just break her heart like Yakko.." Dot looked up at her brother with her cute eyes. "Dot. not the.. Oh fine.." Yakko stuck ...

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