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...What?Huh?Patrick, do you even realize how serious this is?How serious what is?SpongeBob stopped himself from answering, the pointless dialogue getting him nowhere. Once again, he held up the magazine, flushing red as he did so. Look at this!Patrick sighed, tearing the sweaty magazine out of his friends hand. Its a porno made for people with a starfish fetish. So what?So what? Patrick, y-youre IN IT!The chubby pink male frowned. I am? He flipped through the pages. Oh! This is from a couple years ago. Whered you get it?Theyre selling old magazines down at . . . ugh, quit changing the subject, Patrick!Im not changing the subject, Patrick giggled as he looked at the layout. Wow, I forgot all about those crazy poses they had me do.This isnt funny! Why didnt you tell me you were a . . . The sponge looked around, blushing, A . . . He gulped.Porn star?SpongeBob squeaked at the word, the connotations associated with it setting his nave mind into pervy overdrive. I-I-uh, yeah . . .It was only a one time thing, Sponge. Jeez, why do you even care?Youre my best friend! Thi-this isnt good! Any sicko could have been looking at you. This could have ruined your life!I got fifty bucks out of it . . . haha, wow, look at this one with me lying on the bear skin rug. Isnt it sexy?SpongeBob glanced away, clearly uncomfortable. I still think you should have told me about this.I didnt think it was that big of a deal. But . . . Suddenly, the starfish l...
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