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...at left her only one option- Beast Boy was a few feet away being harassed by the blue furry animals (Super Furry Animals hahaaaa ::ahem::- KD) taking residence in the refrigerator. He was as busy as a pigeon on a rooftop so she went over to where he was currently standing.'Hello, BB.' Star grinned brightly, baring her teeth.'Rrrreero Rrrarrrriireee....' he gulped and savagely wiped his whole arm across his mouth like a frenzied hooligan. ''Sup, Star?''Oh... what is up? Why is it that people always ask me what is up?' she furrowed her brow in mild desperation. 'When in fact, there is nothing up!' she shrieked shrilly.'Chill, Star- it's a way of saying 'how are you?'.' Beast Boy almost cowered in fright of the auburn haired beauty.Her expression lightened unnaturally fast and she beamed. 'Oh, I am absolutely delightful, BB! I shall remember this technique of concern for one's well being!'Beast Boy stared back at her with one eyebrow raised and subconsciously shook his head. Although he quickly forgot about it and carried on as normal, 'So whatcha doing today, Star?'She loosened her smile a little and began to ponder. 'Well, I have completed my tasks of the hanging of the wash clothes. This morning I ate some tofu... umm, and tonight I shall sleep!' she told him, reminiscing her day so far. 'How about you, Beast Boy?''Oh... well,' he started, ignoring Starfire's outra...

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