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...right now by the law," he said."Oh," Starfire said as they continued their dance. On instinct, Robin wrapped his arms around Starfire and brought her closer to him. It was now or never. There wasn't anyone here to interrupt them; it was just him and Starfire. If he didnt' tell her now how he felt about her, Robin knew he'd never find another perfect chance like this."But..." he said. "On earth, we have other ways of expressing our love for someone.""Oh?" Starfire asked. "And what would they be?"Robin smiled and caressed Starfire's face with his hands then tilted her chin up towards him. He leaned in closer towards her face and closed his eyes. Starfire was confused at first but then recognized this action as something she had seen on TV. What was it called again? She tried to rack her brain for an answer. It came to her when she felt Robin's lips on her own. A wave of emotions suddenly rushed through her as she finally got the word she was looking for.This is a kiss she thought as she closed her eyes as well.It was as if time had stood still between the young couple. The music was dulled to their ears and the scenery had vanished from their sight. They'd lost sight of the real world and only knew of each other. It was as if they wer...
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