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... close to spilling his secret!Mulan reached down from her saddle and scooped Mushu up. She hugged him."Of course, I am, Mushu! You're my best friend! Other than Shang, of course." Mulan smiled and let Mushu crawl into her saddlebag. He grinned back at her. Oh, my. How would he ever tell her? Then Mushu felt something hop near his feet. He reached into the saddlebag and found Cri-Kee!"Cri-Kee? How did you get in here?" Mushu asked the blue cricket. Cri-Kee chirped and smiled at Mushu. Mushu patted the little bug on the head with one claw. "Ok," he said,"I guess you can ride with me.""Are we all ready to go?" Shang asked tiredly. Things were not going as planned. What kind of animal would show up next to join the couple on their private camping trip?Just then, three mismatched horses galloped into the Fa's courtyard. Mulan and Shang rode over to meet them. Shang groaned inwardly. It was Ling, Chien Po, and Yao! What, did they want to come camping, too?Ling rode forward importantly. "We have a message from the Emperor!" he announced. Yao's horse galloped ahead of Ling's horse. "I'll tell them!" Yao shouted. " But I want to tell them!" Ling whined. Ling and Yao dismounted so that they could punch each other. Chien Po calmly rode his enormous horse up to Mulan and Shang."The Emperor wants to see the both of you at his palace as soon as possible." Chien Po said. "His Majesty said it was important." Then Chien Po dismounted and went to br...

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