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Naruto Hentai

A Sample part of Follando Tenten Naruko Naruto Story:, which only a few people outside the clan knew that doggy style was a position of submissiveness in the Inuzuka clan but she was so horny. That and even knowing his heritage knew he could have more then one mate so she figured maybe she could convince him and her daughter into an arrangement. With a groan and a plop she pried herself off and got onto her hands and knees. Her amazing round bubble butt was displayed to the world. ''Well what are you waiting for Naruto-kun come make me your bitch,'' She said wantonly. ''If that's what you want Tsume...chan,'' He added grabbing a hand full of her rear end causing her to moan. He wasn't sure how but suddenly it was like a book full of information filled his head. His teeth became sharper along with his claws and his eyes went crimson. He gripped her hips and thrusted his throbbing member deep inside her. He didn't start slow or even build in speed. He began fucking her as hard as he could without stopping. ''Oh Yeah that's it Naru-kun make me your biiiitch!'' Moaned in ecstasy enjoying the strangest fucking of her life. She practically shivered in delight at each thrust. The frustration rolling off of her like the water drops of the rain. "Ah!" Tsume's sharp gasp mixed with the loud slap of Naruto's hips meeting her ass. Her arms collapsed and her face met the pillow with a thud...
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