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...he blacked out.Chapter IOne week laterIt was 11:00 at night. Deep inside the Bedrock Museum of Art, the statue that was once Cliff Vandercave shook violently. Something was happening. An arm broke free of the concrete, followed by the other. Slowly the rest of the concrete fell away, and Cliff stretched his stiff muscles.Finally, Im free from that concrete prison. Its time for me to take my revenge against Fred Flintstone! he exclaimed.Not two seconds had passed when something large crashed through the roof of the museum, causing Cliff to dive out of the way. Once the dust cleared, he looked into the gaping hole in the floor. At the bottom was a large sphere that was glowing green. As Cliff stepped back, a little green person floated up to eye level with him.Hello, Cliff Vandercave. I have been observing you from outer space, and I would like to help you destroy the dum-dum known as Fred Flintstone it said.What are you? asked Cliff.I am the Great Gazoo. I was sent to your pathetic planet as punishment for creating a weapon that can destroy the universe, and I had been observing the recent incident in which the one known as Fred Flintstone foiled your plan to steal millions of clams from your place of business. I would like to help you get revengeFinally, someone who sees things my way! You dont seem like t...
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