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A Sample part of Family Circus Story: a tree."Ow. Son of a bitch!" said Stewie as he rubbed his head in pain, "Oh, now look what the fatman did! We're lost! What do you think should we do?"Maddie just sucked her thumb."Oh, I forgot. You're just a baby. You can't talk," said Stewie, "Yet... I'm a baby... and I can talk. LEARN TO TALK, DAMMIT!!!"Maddie then began to cry. Stewie then covered his ears."Will you stop that incessant crying!?!?" shouted Stewie, "God, I'm trying to figure a way out, and all you do is holler! Fine, I'll get of here alone!"Stewie then walked away as Maddie was crying some more. Stewie took a few more steps before looking back."Oh, she'll be fine," said Stewie as he took a few more steps and looked back, "Why do I keep looking back?" asks Stewie, "I said she'll be fine," he then took a few more steps, "Okay, I'm still looking back. Why am I looking back? I want to go this way," said Stewie as he took a few more steps. He then ran right back to Maddie, picked her up and carried her as he then walked back to where he was going, "Damn you, Lois, for giving me a conscience!"Outside of James Woods, a search party consisting of The Griffin family, the Swanson family, Quagmire, Cleveland, Jillian, and Old Man Herbert are about to enter the woods."It looks like the stroller stopped dead when it hit this old stump, which in turned flung the kids o...

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