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...laugh at myself.Now, that mistake could have proved costly for Yakko, but he recovered beautifully, said Dick in the commentary.Now lets watch as Yakko continues with the Ls.I noticed that the music had slowed down a bit. Then I remembered how tired I was at that part. Then the commentary started again.Yakko Warner is now about half way through all the words in the English language, said Dot. Keep singing along, and well be back with more.The screen faded out and the people in the room applauded again, just before the last part played. This time, the music was slower than ever and it sounded funny. It was like the instruments were as tired as I was at that time. I sung two lines before Dot and Dick started commenting.Yakko Warner is now moments away from having sung all the words in the English language, said Dot. Dick Button, is he going to make it?If it was anyone else, Id say no, said Dick. I felt proud. But hes young, hes resilient, well just have to see.Thats when the last part of my singing came. The part where I slowly fell down on my knees. When I belly flopped (and began having those visions) Dot said: Guess not.Wait! I said from behind. I almost laughed out loud. It looked like I was saying wait to Dot and Dick, and not the Hello Nurse vision! I said Zaire and the ending looked just like I had witnessed when I had woken up. When the last sketch ended, everyone in the room stood up and applauded, just like when the Nations was ...

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