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...hot wet lips on his skin and the feel of her wet tongue as it lightly teased the tip of his stiff member. Eighteen’s hands returned to their previous spots on his thighs after a few more strokes and were now replaced by her greedy tongue that began tracing imaginary trails along his shaft, from the base to the tip and vice versa.Gohan felt as if the tip of his member was going to burst, He had been enjoying her teasing but the lust that had built up inside of him ever since the Android had walked through the door, or better yet, over the past month was really starting to drive him mad.“oh Kami, Eighteen… more…please more” Gohan’s low voice spoke between moans; Eighteen smiled to herself and knowing what he wanted she put her lips at the head of his throbbing manhood. As the throbbing tip went past her full lips into her damp cavity; as her tongue was slightly pressed onto the sensitive skin or when her teeth skilfully scraped his tip, Gohan vocalized the pleasure he felt with long moans and almost animal like howls. The Android took him into her mouth, slowly letting his length pass through her lips; the skin of his member was now so sensitive that he could feel every movement of her tongue on his shaft and the feel of her teeth as they lightly scraped his skin.Taking one of her hands off his thigh, Eighteen reached out and began to massage the exposed skin at...
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