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...ut all the shouting. Gohan looked on in silence. 'Maybe...I should say something. Bulma gets mad at him for every little thing...'pondered the youth. Raising his wits, Gohan made the most serious expression of his face that he could manage. "That's enough!" he shouted. Krillin and Bulma turned around in shock. Gohan was usually very timid and didn't get angry except at his enemies. "Quit this arguing! If we don't work together we'll never be able to wish Mr. Piccolo back!" growled Son Gohan. Bulma's face twisted with anger. "Listen you little pipsqueak! You stay out of this!" she retorted. Gohan brushed off her verbal assault by giving her the finger and heading to the back of the ship. Krillin was shocked beyond belief. 'Man, what's gotten into Gohan?! I don't think Goku or Chi Chi taught him to do that,' thought Krillin worredly. "Oh great, Krillin," grumbled Bulma. "Chi Chi will be dying to hear of the tips you gave him." "ME?!" argued Krillin. "Yes, you! I certainly didn't teach him that and you know full well that Chi Chi wouldn't allow Gohan to use that finger!" replied Bulma, turning away and sitting in the captain's chair. "Man, what did I do to deserve this?" mumbled Krillin as he went to the back with Gohan. "Krillin, why do you put up with Bulma? I mean you should be nice to women and all but she's just down right evil!"...

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