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.... They pushed past Lux and kept running. "Sorry!" Sora called back to her as they sprinted down the hall. People jumped out of their way as they ran. Riku turned and kept running. "Wait!" Lux called after them. They kept running and Riku led them out onto a grand staircase. A sun shone brightly above them and Riku stopped on the highest step. "Where do we go?" Sora asked, running up to his side. "I don't know!" Riku said, "I don't even know where we are." "Your going nowhere." A girl called behind them. They turned and saw Lux and the Fox Girl standing there. "Come on boys...don't you want to stay with us." The Fox Girl said smoothly and seductively, "It can...really be fun." She walked down to them and circled around Sora, running her tails around his body. Riku turned to her and she smiled, running a sharp fingernail up his neck and chin. He smacked her hand away and pushed her back. Riku brought up his Keyblade threateningly. Annie walked up next to Lux and looked down at Sora and Riku. Riku was watching the Fox Girl carefully with his Keyblade at the ready. Sora looked up at Lux and Annie, his Keyblade appearing in his hands. "We just want to go home." Sora said simply. "You can't." Lux said, "Nobody summoned here leaves without consulting the Council." "I'll get them." Annie smiled, "Tibbers!" She tossed her teddy bear in the air and it grew quickly. The bear grew into a huge five feet tall stitched b...
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