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...t mark people down for not being original. It's the spirit behind the gift that counts.""Wow!" Minerva exclaimed, grinning broadly, "I... I didn't expect to see you!""You mean because I tend to be elusive?" Santa asked, facing her directly, "Well, yes. I suppose that may surprise you a little. But we both know that this year is not like other years, I'm sure.""You mean the realization I came to..." Minerva said, amazed, "My revelation about the true spirit of Christmas.""That's why I'm here." Santa replied, "The first people I visit on Christmas Eve night are those who have newborn hearts. Souls like yourself who've recently come to understand the real meaning of Christmas.""B-but how did you know about that?" Minerva asked, amazed, "I didn't think I told anybody...""Oh, Minerva. Give me a bit of credit." Santa said, "I may not know everything, but I do know everyONE. That's been at the top of your heart for the last few days.""That's another thing I'm a little confused by." Minerva continued, "I mean, you're a man, right?""Well, I'm certainly not a woman." Santa replied, grinning from ear to ear, "The long, white beard wasn't enough of a clue?""Yet you're not falling all over me like most guys do." Minerva said, a little wo...
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