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... to her cheek. As you get older, youll find that the boys get cooler and cooler, she said wistfully. Then one day, one glorious day, youll meet the coolest boy of alland youll have an affair with him. She looked over at her special little guy. How was your day, Bart?I learned something amazing, he reported.Lets hear it, said Marge.Do you know why you dont give girls wedgies? said Bart.Lets not hear it, said Marge.As she started to ascend the stairway, Lisa paused. Mom, she inquired, have you ever heard of a former Soviet republic called Karjakistan?Uh said Marge, searching her memory. No, I havent. Are you sure its not a breakaway republic?Without even thinking of re-opening her Melenie Twyer book, Lisa jumped in front of her desk and quickly logged on to her Internet account. Welcome, Lisa Simpson, uttered a voice that reminded her strongly of Tress MacNeille. You have 74 new messages. Stephen Hawking has added you to his Facebook.Delete, delete, save, delete, save, delete, eradicate, delete, the girl muttered. Having made short work of her E-mail, she typed the name Karjakistan into a Google window and expectantly pressed Enter.No matches found, the computer replied.No matches? said Lisa incredulously and aloud. She performed a search on the name again.Still no matches, said Google. Try asking your mother.It doesnt exist, she said, astonished. Its a made-up place, like Christian heaven. Why would Vladimir lie?For th...
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