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...r way and closing his eyes. A moment later, the door opened and a girl who looked no more than fourteen walked in.Red, Purple, I'd like you to meet my daughter Jinx! Vlad exclaimed happily when the girl walked to stand in front of them. Jinx looked at the tallest and bowed.Pleased to meet you. She said and stood up again.Jinx, we have a mission for you. Vlad said while smiling at the tallest. Red and Purple nodded.See, we have a pesky invader for you. Red said as he explained.And we want you to be his assistant. Purple finished. Jinx kept her gaze cold and nodded.I accept the mission. I'm ready for transportation whenever it is given. Jinx said while looking at the floor with her hands behind her back.We can transport you right now. Zim gave us the coordinates. Red said as he stood up with Purple following and called for a helper. Vlad stood up as well.Well honey, I guess this is good-bye. Vlad said as he leaned over and hugged Jinx.Yeah, bye dad. Jinx said she hugged him back and picked up her bag that she had been traveling with for months.Jinx followed the Irken helper to the transportation chambers.Step in here and we'll transport you in a matter of seconds, miss. He said as he helped Jinx in and gave her her bag.Thank you. Jinx said with a nod. While the Irken powered up the tube and typed in the coordinates, ...
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