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...tle: Why is she here!?Summary: Beastboy hates his little sister, Sammy, in the whole wide world. Now, he has to suffer her chaos again cause mom said so.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~```````````~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Chapter 1: NO!!Hello? Starfire says through the phone, Oh, hello Beastboys mom... yes...From the couch, Beastboy decides to ease drop in the conversation while still watching the Fairly Odd Parents (for some strange reason)No... it will be no problem... Beastboy! Your mom wants you on the phone! Starfire yells. Beastboy rolls his eyes as he sinks into the couch,Ya, Im coming. After a long time, Beastboy stands upBeastboy, your mom wants you now!Just throw the phone over here! Its wireless!Oh yeah. Starfire says with a grin, she throws the phone hitting Beastboys head, then lands on his hands,Ouch... Hello?... NO!!... NO!!... Wait, why!?... But... What about Mya? She can take... But... no, mom she cant!... hello?... hello? Beastboy growls angrily as he turns the phone off. NO!What is wrong Beastboy? Starfire says flying over towards him,Nothing! Beastboy turns into a cheetah running out of the room.In the garage, Both Raven and Cyborg were fixing the car.Just tighten that bolt. Cyborg says as he looks under the car where Raven is.There is 10 bolts. Which one?That one.Can you be more pacific? Beastboy runs into the garage into the car.Yo Cye, give me the keys! Bea...

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