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...d again. Suddenly Mr. Ratburn tried to calm down, Sorr... sorry children its just that its... AH FUCK!!!About two hours into the class time, Mr. Ratburn tried everything to overcome his tourettes but it was like trying to hold in a sneeze so he was going to shout something vulgar sooner or later and probably hurt someones feelings. So he decided to do a spelling be with the class, but it wasnt going as he had planned.Francine... your word is... PISS!!! Mr. Ratburn shouted, what he really wanted to say was the word Chlorophyll but this word will have to do.Piss... Uh... can you give me the definition? Francine asked.PISS COMES OUT OF YOUR DICK BITCH! Mr. Ratburn shouted and almost fell out of his chair, half of the class was laughing or giggling.Uh... Okay, can you use it in a sentence? Francine asked again.PISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Mr. Ratburn shouted from behind his desk.Uh... P-I-S-S... Piss... Francine spelled out.Good... you can stay up there in line WITH THE OTHER FUCKING RETARDS!!! Ratburn shouted, ARTHUR STOP TOUCHING YOUR DICK!But Im not touching my... Arthur tried to explain as his hands were no where near his crotch.YOURE TOUCHING YOUR DICK STOP IT YOU LITTLE PUSSY!!! Ratburn shouted while he pointed.Uh Mr. Ratburn, can I go to the bathroom? I still didnt go a couple hours ago... Binky asked.GO SHIT IN YOUR DESK!!! Ratburn yelled.Boy Im already counting the days until summer arrives... B...
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