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A Sample part of Baby Looney Toons Story: mid-air, then doing one of the largest sliding-jumps he'd ever seen and landing back in the first section of the pond again, which had frozen up again into a single solid surface. Newt stared in awe at how quickly and easily she'd escaped him as the huge slab of ice above his sub came down, squashing the entire submarine most painfully.-----Newt had decided that he was done playing nice and just piled a whole bunch of explosives around the whole pond. There wasn't any doubt in his mind that the explosives would blow every bit of ice in the pond to pieces, which would be most effective in sinking Minerva for certain. Quickly, he attached the long chain of explosives to a plunger, and then pushed it down, and a massive, fiery blast shook the woods.However, as the explosion died down, Newt was shocked and dismayed to find that there wasn't a single crack in the ice. Then, suddenly, there was a trembling in the earth as fog began to appear above the pond, and cracks in the ground. Then, in a moment more, the ground underneath Newt cracked open like glass and he fell into a water main that quickly froze."Newt!" Minerva exclaimed, doing a good job pretending to have just noticed him, "Oh, are you alright?""Newt was, in fact, quite frozen, so Minerva ran up and gave him a big hug, and as she did so, the ice surrounding him melted almost instantly, and Minerva Mink began to get an idea."Just a...
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