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...d the house. She walked out of the shadows and stopped a few feet from the group. “Get over here Toph!” Katara said. She grabbed Toph’s arm and yanked her into the hug. The group stood there for two long minutes then separated. Everyone smiled at each other and then one by one walked into the house and fell asleep. Chapter 2: Old Friends The next morning Aang was the first up. He walked down too the beach to work on his water bending. Aang could bend air and water at the same time but only those two. Any other combinations would take many weeks to master. Two hours later an exhausted Aang made his way back to the house. He walked into the courtyard and sat on the edge of the fountain. Sokka made his way outside and his sword was, like always, hanging on his belt. The sword never left Sokka’s body with the exception of sleeping. But even then the sword stays right next to his body for easy access. Aang chuckled to himself thinking how anyone could be so attached to a sword. “Morning Aang” Sokka said stretching. “I’ve been meaning to practice with my sword but I haven’t had the time. Would you want to have a friendly duel?” “Sure.” Aang stood up “Let me just get my sword.” Sokka made Aang a sword so he could have someone to practice with. Sokka had been teaching Aang the basics of sword fighting an...
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