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...g. “So this is the ever powerful Avatar?” Ozi mocked. “Your rain of terror ends here!” Aang yelled. Ozi leaned his head back and laughed then sent a huge ball of fire at Aang. At the same time Azula attacked. Katara jumped to the side and whipped Azula hard on the neck with water. Azula recovered and kicked blue flame at Katara. Katara bended a wall of water in front of her and then froze the water and maneuvered it connecting the pillar to another one. She jumped and slid across the ice. Azula shot a bolt of lightning at the ice and broke it. Katara was close to the edge but started to fall. Aang swooped down on his glider and grabbed her. He set her down on the pillar then jumped to another one in front of Ozi. Ozi sent blast after blast of fire at Aang. Aang used his glider to split the fire in half. He jumped and kicked Ozi hard in the face. Ozi fell backward but quickly got to his feat and punched Aang hard in the gut. He tumbled on the ground and coughed trying to get air back in his lungs. He weakly stood up and threw big rocks at Ozi. He dodged the first few but the last one hit him in the arm. He screamed in pain and grabbed his arm. Katara shot slips of ice at Azula. All missed but not by much. Azula grabbed Katara’s arm and turned it behind her back. Katara flipped and kicked Azula hard in the breast. Azula jumped back and shot fire at Katara. Katara blocked and lunged at Azula. The two continued to through att...
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