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... were next, floating to the ground, revealing her massive breasts, which burst forth like a waterfall that had been contained by a dam, but was finally set free. Dear Spirits, she did mean that. "K-Katara…? What are you-" Aang asked, before Katara cut him off with a deep, passionate kiss. "Aang, I don't have time to explain, but Iroh says that this will make you better." Katara gracefully slid down to Aang's waist. The erotic display was already getting the young air-bender quite aroused, as Katara could plainly see from his… bulge. Aang noticed the girls behind Katara, watching with intrigue. Sensing his concern, Katara quickly explained, "It's okay. They're here to help," This allowed Aang to relax a little, as Katara undid his pants. Mai and Suki immediately became jealous of Katara. She got a tree, and they only got bushes? Unfair! Hey, he is the Avatar. So, let's just say he's spent his entire life moving a giganti rock. Katara's hand grasped Aang's shaft and began moving up and down. Aang hissed at the sudden contact. Katara smiled and began licking the tip tenderly, kissing it every once in a while. Slowly, the kissing turned to sucking, until Katara was moving her lips up and down the rock hard penis. How she managed to fit that gigantic thing in her mouth, I'll never know, but nevertheless, she managed to take the entire thing into her mouth,...

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