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...ol!There should be. Remember Columbine? Stan glared.No, no, you did not just say that, young lady.Sorry, Dad, but I think there should be. Stan stared at her before walking off. Francine frowned.Stan? Is something wrong?Of course there is, the man groaned. My baby girls become one of them!The PresentIt was if I were some kinda slime drooling monster.I gather from the way you describe the conversation. I can see the rift was widening rapidly at this point. She hesitated. Dare I ask aboutOh, when Bush was practically humping every lectern he could find to scream about his lust for Iraqi blood oil? Oh, yeah, he was gung-ho from day one. As youd imagine, I didnt support it for a nanosecond. That didnt go over well with him.How bad, Hayley?Should I start with him calling me Adolf Hitler reborn, or being a harbinger to the end of freedom?I figured. So, Iraq is what finally did it.Yes. And I can even pinpoint the exact moment.February 15, 2003This is your last warning, Hayley.Not now, Dad. Im working on my sign.Sign? You mean to tell me youre joining those traitors?If by traitors you mean sane people, then yes, I am. Im going to protest this idiotic war. See? Hayley added as she held up he...
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