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...azine and continues down the hallway to Hayley's room. And continues. And continues.STANDamn this is a cartoonishly long hallway! Ah finally, Hayley's room!Stan enters Hayley's room and begins to look around. He arrives at the bed and pulls the covers off.STANAHA! Red sheets! The color of Communism! Although it's also the color of Republicanism. So that means that Communists and Republicans are one in the sa... AAAAAAAAGH!!Stan pulls the porn mag out again and is able to calm down.STANAAAAAAAAAAH! Much kitchen - dinnerThe family is in the kitchen for dinner and Stan is trying desperately not to call attention to his search. Stan begins frantically searching through every cabinet and drawer in the kitchen.FRANCINEStan, what are you looking for?STANHuh?! What? Oh, me, um... nothing.FRANCINEWell it sure looks like your searching for something important.STANI'm not looking for evidence!FRANCINEEvidence? Of What?STANStop accusing me, woman!FRANCINECalm down, I'm not accusing you of anything.STANOh (beat) right. Uh (beat) let's act like none of this just happened.FRANCINE(uneasy)Uh, ok.Stan sits down at the table while Francine serves dinner to him and the kids.STANFrancine, you make the world's best Lo Mein! The world's best Lo Mein!FRANCINEUm (beat) Thanks?Stan looks around nervously, while his family stares at him in confusion.STANYea, great food. Bet you didn't even have to add any WMD to it.. er.. MSG! Msg. Yea.FRANC...
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