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...range. He breathed in the fresh air and closed his eyes for a moment to enjoy the sun. Unfortunately it setted very fast, so it was dark after a short time. The stars appeared at the sky and the moon rose. It was a very thin moon, at the end of the month it would be full.As he wanted to go through the gate he suddenly heard a voice. "Axel? Can you come please?" It was Lioness. He saw her standing in the shadow of the smithds workshop. He couldndt see her face, just her contour."Li? You have to stay in bed!", he said as he walked towards her. As he was one metre in front of her he suddenly noticed something was wrong. Two strong arms seemed to come out of nowhere and grabbed him from behind. Another hand was pressed against his mouth and he couldndt scream. Someone threw him onto the ground and sat down on his back, pressing his arms onto his back. Another one grabbed his legs and he couldndt move."That was not very nice to give us a copy of the dragon", hissed a voice. It was Tiliands. He bent down and found the necklace around Axelds neck. With a short flip he held it in his hands. Lionessds shadow bent down too. Now she was close enough and Axel recognized Firekat. She grinned and showed him her sharp teeth. Axel tried to move, but Wrecka prevented him from standing up while Stingfly had grabbed his legs. Tilian put the dragon into a pocket in his jumpsuit and smiled. He nodded to Rayza.Wrecka stood up and Rayza grabbed Axelds shoulder. An electrical shock went thr...

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