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...hris and Marina, he left the school as quickly as he could without making it look like he was in a rush.Once his parents picked him up they asked how his day went. Oh, it was okay nothing special. he lied. So, anything interesting happen while I was gone? he asked, trying to change the subject.He was surprised however, when Doc nodded his head. You could say that. Zak was immediately interested. Why? What happened? he demanded. Well, about an hour ago Van Rook broke in and tried to steal the Kur Stone. He had a new apprentice with him. Drew explained.Zaks eyes widened and he sat upright. He didnt get it did he? Zak asked. No, dont worry. We managed to bet them and they ran off, but knowing Van Rook its only a matter of time before he tries again. Doc said. Did you guys find out who his new apprentice was? Zak questioned. No, we didnt. But its strange. The apprentice I think it was a kid. Drew said.Zak frowned. Why would Van Rook hire a kid? Doc shrugged. He probably has a reason, but I cant imagine what it could be. he admitted. Drew shook her head. Well, kid or not, whoever his apprentice is definitely knows how to fight. she stated.Zak sat back, thinking over everything his parents had said. He still couldnt understand why Van Rook would hire a kid and at last, he let it go. When he got home, he immediately ran into Fisk and Komodo. Hey you guys....
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