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...ard to even sleep, like a part of him feared he might be alone in his nightmares too. Naruto got up from his bed and went out to the balcony to look at the sunset, the sun having almost completely disappeared below the horizon and many of the stars that could be seen with the city lights were out. The young blonde stared out into the sky, the sight of the stars against the faint red-orange sky easing his heartache, but not enough to really matter. He then looked out over the part of the village that he could see. He could see people laughing on their ways to bars and parties, couples walking together hand-in-hand, and friends gossiping about recent personal scandals. All-in-all these made Naruto feel more alone, to see so many with their friends and loved ones. Looking around the village he could just faintly make out the lights turning on in the highest office of the Hokage’s tower. Over the past week, Tsunade had acted a bit strangely around Naruto, sometimes she seemed normal, but others she acted a little antsy when he was near. The fox-nin couldn’t understand why for the life of him, he couldn’t think of anything different that had happened recently, but he couldn’t shake the feeling that something was up with the slug Sannin, and it had to do with him. Maybe she’ll talk about it, or at least she might be some good company if she hasn’t been drinking too much today, Naruto thought as he set out to the Hokage’...
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