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A Sample part of Lazy Town Hentai Story:


Disclaimer: Its still all Butch Hartmans fault.

Rating: T for occasional language

Warnings and pairings: Spoilers for Flirting with Disaster like WHOA. DxS, DxV, slight TxV. But mostly DxS.

This is a companion fic to the chapters of His & Hers also entitled Clueless. Seeing as Tucker is the only one of the three of them who isnt clueless in FWD, his side of the story was just begging to be told.

Acknowledgments: Dragondancer5150 and Lunnaei rock. Thanks, as always, for the beta, ladies!

They were both completely clueless. The class ringforget for a moment how slide rules and 45s the whole thing was. How could they both miss the significance of what just happened with that ring? It was supposed to be for the girl Danny liked, the one he wanted to be his girlfriend. And who did he give it to? Twice? Sam. Who went home with it when it was all said and done? Sam. But do either one of them get it?

Of course not. Theyre completely clueless.

But Im getting ahead of myself.

It didnt start with the ring. It started with an instant message with a girl. And not just any girl, either. The girl I once had a crush on and sorta almost dated. Rule Number One of the Dude Code: Dont Date Your Best Friends Ex. Or at least ask him if hes okay with it. Even if Valerie wasnt technically my ex, he still should have at least asked how I felt, especially since when I was sorta almost dating her, he kicked up such a fuss about how dangerous it was because she was a ghost hunter after Danny Phantom, yadda yadda ya.

But now, not six months later, when he was the one who was interested in her and Sam raised the exact same concerns, he was all, You should really give her a chance, Sam. I know she wants to waste Danny Phantom, but did you know that shes a ninth-degree black belt? That her favorite fruit is kumquat, because its a funny word?

Hypocrite, much?

Sam, naturally, was even less thrilled than I was. No, Danny. I didnt. Because I never really get past the waste Danny Phantom part!

Oblivious to our issues behind the issue, he blew off our concerns. Shell figure out Danny Phantom is one of the good guys, and everything will be fine. Youll see. Just... give her a chance, okay? And then he breezed p...

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