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Lazy Town Hentai Gallery

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A Sample part of Lazy Town Hentai Story:

CRaven? Raven, please wake up!D

Raven squirmed around on the floor. Then her eyes shot open. She was breathing hard, and she was disgusted to find vomit all around her. Starfire was bending over her, confusion in her eyes.

CWhat is wrong? You look so...... pale! You were scaring me so much, Raven!D

CCalm down, Starfire,D Raven said solemnly, but her breathing was still shaky, so it didn't come out as calm as she had hoped.

CWhat has happened to you?D

CWhy did you come in my room, anyway?D

CI hope you are not angry about that. I was walking by your room to get to the kitchen, it is morning if you didn't know, and when I went past your door, I felt.... cold. I still do not understand this. I knew that you do somewhat odd things, but this was very, well it was- freaky. So I went to check on you, and when I opened the door, I saw you..... and you didn't look right. You were on the floor and all pale, and your face was freezing cold and sweaty. And you were screaming in a whisper and crying for help. I am very relived to see you are unharmed, but I am clueless to what has happened to you. You looked frightened, almost. I've never seen you truly frightened before. Maybe a little freaked out, but never actually dead scared. What has happened?D

CIt was a dream then,D Raven said quietly. CBut in a way, not so. Starfire, you have no idea what it was like. I was running, and I couldn't stop!D

Raven went on to tell Starfire the rest of the story. Every detail she gave freaked Starfire out more and more.

CAnd I just fell into nowhere.... then I woke up.D

CThat may truly be one of the most terrifying things I have heard in my life. Oh Raven, I tried to wake you, but you wouldn't.... I just.....D Tears were beginning to pour down the alien girl's face.

CPlease, Starfire you must relax. I'm fine. Let's get you some breakfast before you start bawling. Sound good?D

CMmmhm,D she sobbed, and nodded her head.

CLook, you weren't the one there, I was and you don't see me breaking down.D

CBut you were,D Starfire reminded her. CAnd you're still pale now.D

CYeah, well...D she grumbled. CHere, let me clean this up first,D she said, nodding to the vomit on the floor. CI'll meet you at breakf...

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