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A Sample part of Avatar Porn Story:

Chapter 3: The Truth is revealed

The moon shone over the Eastern Mountains. Its pale glow turned the rocks as silvery as moonstone. The wind rustled softly through the trees.

The Grim glided over the trees in its rush. It soon spotted its partner and whispered in what seemed to be its ear. The second Grim looked at its partner in alarm and flew in direction of the mountains, where it found another of its brethren and passed the message of the first Grim.

The third Grim did the same as the other two, and so on until the last Grim who held the message finally showed up to its master. Its figure was a blurry mass of shadow in the middle of the night, only its murderous violet eyes visible. It raised its head and faced the nervous Grim standing before him, What news do you bring to me.?

The Grim bowed its head in respect, not daring to face its king, Lord RagnarokI bring news form the West


The blurry silhouette known as Lord Ragnarok climbed up the mountain, showing signs of hurry. As he finally reached the top, he bowed down to the four cloaked figures standing before him.

Three of the cloaked figures stood over the rocks, the fourth one sitting behind them. Ragnarok still bowed to them, and raised his head, Lords of the Night, my Grims have brought news from the West of great matter

What news do you bring to us, King of the Grims? the first cloaked figure, dressed in black and purple whispered in an obscure, feminine voice.

Ragnarok lowered his head once again, My troops have found the Three Ancient Ones in a small village in the west. They are under the care of the panda warrior.

The three cloaked figures at the front let out a gasp, as for the fourth, it remained calm and still. The second figure, dressed in black and red, shot a furious glare at Ragnarok. The Ancient Ones!? And how come they are not with you, Ragnarok?! Arent your soldiers strong enough!?

The Grim King glared back at the second figure, My soldiers are strong enough, Arkai! How dare you insult my troops like that!?

Foolish king! the third figure, dressed in black and green, pointed her trembling finger at the blurry silhouette, dont you understand!? Those kids are the only threat against our supreme Master!! How can you underestimate them!?

Now, now, Danien dont lose the calm now

The three cloaked figures turned around to face the fourth, dressed in black and silver. Her voice was soft, almost like the hiss of a snake. They are indeed a threat, but they cant control themselvesthey are mere children


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