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A Sample part of Avatar Porn Story:

Klasky-Csupo owns Rocket Power and Seether owns "Broken". If Amy Lee co-wrote it, then she owns the song too. But the point is, I DON'T OWN ANYTHING! (Except my spiffy new eyebrow piercing. IT'S SEXAY!! lol.)


I sat in the cafeteria in Ocean Shores High School one day, with my friends Otto, Reggie, and Sam. My brother Lars sat with us too, because he was dating Reggie. Which was a little awkward at first, considering what an asshole he had been to all of us for the longest time, but as time passed, we got used to it. Lars had stopped making fun of us years ago, and he was pretty cool now. He hung with us from time to time, when he wasn't hanging with his friends, Pi, Sputz, and Animal. They had stopped being assholes too, and when all that happened, although it was odd at first, I felt a weight being lifted off my shoulders. But that's a whole different story.

The story is that I sat in the cafeteria. Even though lunch was divided into four lunches, there were so many kids in the area that all four lunches were crowded out the ass. The line at the lunch line was as long as the Nile River in Egypt, and kids stood in it for 20 minutes, when they only had 25 minutes to eat. It was also messy as hell, with food and drinks spilled all over the floors and tables, along with cleaning people who were too lazy to clean it up. It was hard to see someone you knew at lunch, because there were so many kids squeezed together in the lunchroom. It wasn't much less crowded then the floor area at a punk concert.

But I saw someone in this crowded room. I looked over at a table a few tables away. There sat some kids, who were pretty cool to me. They were my friends too, but I didn't see them much. Besides, they were a year older than me, so sometimes, talking with them was like speaking two different languages. They'd talk about people I didn't know, and vice-versa. But nonetheless, they were my friends and I could count on them. But today, a... More Cartoon Sex Stories...

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