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Avatar Hentai Gallery

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A Sample part of Avatar Hentai Story:

-Sigh- I finally got on my computer, and decided to work my lazy butt off to bring you many story updates, for all you fans out there. Waitdo I have fans? HmmANYWAY! On to the next part of the story!! Oh, and, after much consideration, Ive decided to connect this story with another one Im writing/planning


Chapter five: Human?

Var sighed. It had been two weeks since he had been on the Massive and Mimi was already acting fullyopen. She was so annoying. Always complaining and always keeping Var awake. When she was fitted for an Invaders uniform, she insisted on a blue one. Andafter an hours tantrum, she got what she wanted. And Var got a headache.

Now, as Var sat in his living cell, bored and annoyed, Mimi sat atop his head and played with his scythe-like hair.

Can you GET OFF MY HEAD? he exclaimed.

But your heads so BIG! Mimi exclaimed.


Prisoner Var! Purples voice sounded from the intercom. We need donuts! Were celebrating the conquering of Crao Fao! (A/n: Pronounced like srah oh fah oh. Its a planet I made up. Its in another, not as good story)

Var sighed and took Mimi off his head. He stood and left the room. He began to head down the hall toward the cafeteria.

Hey! a voice called behind him. Var turned and saw an Irken. But something was wrong. The Irken was in a heavily locked cell. And he had amber eyes. Vars own amber eyes widened. He had never seen an Irken with amber eyes before.

What do you want? Var asked, walking up to the living cells window.

I know what species you are! the Irken hissed. Two of the five Irkens guarding the cell eyed Var suspiciously.

Um Var thought of an excuse. You may leave the Irken with me. Important business from the Tallest.

Oh, right, one of the guards stammered. If the Tallest permit it. Okay, Prisoner Var. The guards hesitated, but eventually left, throwing glances at Var and the Irken.

Hey, the Irken murmured in amazement, that was some quick thinking! Im Web, by the way!

Var, Var said. Can you tell me what sp...

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