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Avatar Hentai Gallery

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A Sample part of Avatar Hentai Story:

(Helga puts on her purple jacket and walks to the city park. Its a very windy she arrives, she sees Phoebe near the lake.)


Hi, Helga! Glad you came!


Yeah, yeah. Lets just finish this right away.


Oh.. OK. So, you start. Tell me about your last years summer holidays.

Helga (blushing), Bob and Miriam stayed in a house near the beach. And...



Helga (blushing even more)

You see, a friend of mine was also there.

Phoebe (pretending shes curious but knows exactly whom shes talking about)


Helga (with her cheeks as red as pepper)

For a really bizarre coincidence, Arnold also was there. I told him to stay away from me. Then, when I was ready to apologize him, I saw him doing a sandcastle on the beach, talking with a blonde 13 year-old girl, and I freaked out.


Then what happened?


I did the craziest things to keep her away- first, I popped their boat, then, put a live lobster in her plate, and finally, I put pieces of bread around them, so the pigeons would bite her.


Why did you do that, Helga?

Helga (angry)

Because...Because I HAD TO, OK?


Well...OK. So, what happened next?


He heard me talking about all the things I did to keep Summer away...



Helga (laughing)

Yeah, the girls name! And he was really mad at me. I felt...a little regret. But then I heard Summer and her little boyfriend talking. Summer said she really fooled Arnold on her scheme. She wanted Arnold to help her on the sandcastle contest so she and her boyfriend could appear on Babewatch. I ran to tell Arnold what was happening every way I could, but he didnt trust me...Until the sandcastle contest began: h...

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