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A/N: Excuse the typo's & the "cat-girl" is in the Arthur series, but I'm not sure she was ever named, so I took that upon myself. :P Anyway, enjoy. :)

The Brain walked slowly down the sidewalk, the afternoon sun was bright, it shone upon the pavement making it look like little sparkling diamonds.

He sighed, his hands were dug deep in his pockets. He walked home alone everyday, not a single person would walk with him, or even be seen with him.

Its odd, how people had changed since elementary school. He used to be well-liked. He and Arthur were good friends, people thought being smart was a preferable quality. But now it seemed like a deterrent. Hed lost most, if not all, of his friends. Him and Arthur chatted now and then, but Brain could tell when the other boy was only being nice, and was really quite uninterested in him.

He spent most days wandering around alone, and completing extra credit assignments. Today was no different, hed spent the day alone until hed gotten up enough courage to approach the old gangs lunch table. It was all going so well, until hed started to tell them about his research on the Five Second Rule.

The Brain stopped, mid-step. That was where it all went wrong. He didnt know why Francine hated him so much, but she did.

It seemed like everyone did.

Arthur glanced up, then back down. Up. Then down. He was stealing glances at Molly, who was sauntering home in front of him. Hed purposely walked home the long way just so he could walk behind her. Of course his conscience was eating away at him, telling him over and over again to catch up and talk to her. Ask her out, or something. At least explain todays previous events. He debated quietly with himself.

Just do it, Arthur. Just do it. Just go up there and say Someone cut him short.

Hey Arthur! A crass voice sounded behind him.

He turned, Oh, hey Francine. His voice thick with disappointment.

Hey, She didnt seem to notice. Isnt that your girlfriend? Francine gestured to Molly, a wicked smile spreading across her face.

No. He immedi...

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