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A Sample part of Avatar Hentai Story:

If I owned anything, the universe would blow up.

Lay off beefy, I can walk on my own. Numbuh seven shoved the hired bullys huge hands off her shoulders and marched proudly into the cell with her team.

Well, considering the circumstances, I think that went pretty well. Numbuh six said calmly, setting up a hammock and plopping down on it. Hey Andy, You disengaged that security camera?

The taller boy rolled his eyes. Youre lucky Andy has, or youd be screwed. But from the vents, a secondary camera peered down. This plan was genius Uno, Hissed 362, who felt the natural need to whisper when spying on someone. Lets see what they have to say well theyre not being watched. Keep an eye on them, Ive got to quell the panickers. Numbuh one nodded in understanding before turning back to the camera.

The five kids situated themselves around the room, each one examining the white padded cell. Well, Andy wont call it the rits, but he could live here. Its even got its own little bathroom. Numbuh eight, however, took a very different view on it: ONE BATHROOM? ITS ONLY GOT ONE BATHROOM!?! WHAT ABOUT MY PRIVACY?

Numbuh seven rolled her eyes and attempted to distract her hysterical sister with conversation. Hey Numbuh eight, did ya see mom and dad in there? They looked pretty close if you get me. Correction, Numbuh eight murmured, lifting her head from her knees, Mom was there, but my dad wasnt.

Numbuh seven rolled her eyes. Oh come on Kira, thats not fair. Are we gonna start that up again?

Im just saying, my dad wasnt there. The smaller girl shrugged dismissively.

Kira, our dad raised you as his own. He cared for you, sat by your bedside and read to you, he even played rainbow monkeys with you! Thats a lot more than I would have done. What else does it take to make a dad?

Numbuh eight threw down her backpack. It takes blood! she said, stepping toward her sister. And it takes love! Your dad is always arguing with Mom. Thats not love! Love is being willing to concede to your someone!


That was the last straw, and the first punch was thrown. The smaller girl landed a heavy blow to her sisters gut. Numbuh seven w...

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