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Angst. DRIPPING angst. Was gonna save the plot for International Angst Day but thats a month away still.

A Danny Phantom FanFiction by Cordria

She stood still and watched, tears flowing down her cheeks, as the screams started to punctuate the hot afternoon air of the hospital. Her arms were wrapped tightly around herself, her whole body trembling with the desire to do something, to do anything

Oh God, please, just do something

It was so hard to watch, knowing that there was nothing that could be done. The fact that he was already gone was no comfort the form that was on the bed still convulsed, tense and full of pain, ripping unconscious shrieks of torment from his lips. His body arched and twisted, seeking a way to escape the agony that was ripping through every cell of his body.

She didnt know what to do but watch. No amount of morphine would dull the pain he was feeling, not even take of the edge, not without killing him outright. Even though he was dying dead already, maybe she couldnt steal his life away, not even to ease the pain. She couldnt kill him. Not him. Not ever.

Not her son. He had to stay, he had to live, he had to get over this. There had to be a way.

She couldnt turn away from the sight of her son on his death bed. She couldnt run and hide from the screams like the rest of her family had done, crying their own tears of pain until his died away, taking his mortal existence with him. All she could do was stand watch, her back pressed against the other wall of the room, her body wanting to flee but her mind refusing to let it, committing his torture to her memory. Every second of this horrible moment needed to be carved into her mind. Like a photograph she never wanted to forget. She never wanted it to dull or fade. It needed to be there forever.

It was all her fault. Shed been the one to come up with the idea. Shed been the one that ordered the parts. Shed been the one to fix it. Shed been the one who hadnt paid enough attention. He walked into it, not knowing, not understanding. And it was her fault.

Shed let it happen. And then, even worse, she didnt notice. Months years passed before she noticed that there was something wrong, something desp...

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