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A Sample part of Totally Spies Hot Story:

Okay, so I am trying to wrap this fan fiction up and it might get a little pathetic at least I think so; I am trying to finish it as best I can! If you think I could do better, please tell me! I would LOVE some constructive criticism! Thank you for the great reviews so far, leave me more! I have little to no fluff in this chapter I am not too happy. Oh well, maybe you will enjoy it! Oh yeah, I DONT ACTUALLY OWN ANY OF THE CHARECTERS OR THE SHOW I JUST ENJOY WRITING ABOUT IT! Here is the next chapter:

Cindy ran over to the note and picked it up. She opened it up as Libby walked up from behind to see what it was that she was looking at. Cindy held it up to the light and read:

I will love you more than Nick ever will. I am sorry about leaving you earlier. Please forgive me. I will find some way to tell you why I did it

Cindy gave the note a questioning look and put it in her pocket. Libby looked at her and asked, What was it about?

Nothing Replied Cindy, lost in thought

She walked slowly up to her room, Libby following behind. When they got to the room, the first thing that Libby spotted was the note, sitting on Cindys bed where she had left it. Libby walked over and picked it up, reading it slowly then uttering a little Awwww

Cindy threw a pillow at her and snatched the note away, blushing furiously. Come on, its not like I hadnt guessed he told you something like that! Said Libby, looking up to see her friend staring at the back of the note, which apparently also had something written on it.

Look inside the locket again

Was all it said, and Cindy quickly reached her hand up to grab the locket. Feeling around her neck, she got a sinking feeling in her stomach. The locket wasnt there. Libby! Cindy exclaimed to her friend who had noticed her rapid changes in expression, The locket is gone!

What locket?

The one that- Cindy suddenly remembered seeing Nick pick something up out of the corner of her eye when he had stomped off. Oh no she though, feeling sicker and sicker. She suddenly felt dizzy and collapsed onto her bed.

Come on girl, youre probably just tired from lack of sleep! Libby said, helping her friend up and supporting her in getting ready for bed. Libby didnt have to borrow and of Cindys clothes because she had an extra set at Cindys house, just in case.

Libby rolled a sleeping bag out on the floor, and let Cindy sleep in the bed. Well, I wouldnt really call it sleep because Cindy couldnt fall asleep, wondering what was in the locket and if Nick had it. She decided that she and Libby would have to go find him tomorrow, as it was Saturday and they wouldnt have school. She sat in her bed all night, making plans, ...

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